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The little

This Austin-Mini model has a very special history, for the simple reason that only 14 models were manufactured between 1961 and 1964 at the BMC factory.(British Motor Company) in Longbridge. One last Austin Mini of this type was reportedly given to Queen Q.EII of England to move around her private gardens at Windsor Castle.

This model, doorless and with rattan seats, was designed to compete with several car manufacturers at the time, including the famous Fiat 600 Jolly.
BMC wanted to conquer the American market and the high-end hotel industry by offering this small Mini Beach model, also called RIVIERA BUGGY.
In 1964, BMC ceased production and the Mini Moke would be its replacement for years to come. 

It isn't just rare, it's an adorably quirky blip in automotive history that's even been signed off on by her Majesty the Queen.

R.T.MS takes care of what BMC dropped in 1964. Our turn to take this unique beauty for a ride out on the French Riviera roads again.

made  in  provence

The (re)construction

R.T.MS embarked on the mad project of bringing the Mini Beach back to life.

In our workshops in Cassis, we started with a simple Mini chassis, and designed the elements on CAD (3D software) and the construction of the various parts in our workshops. We have respected the standards and all the details of the original model based on photos, rare manufacturer documents and by carrying out in-depth research. The trim, headliner, rattan seat, were all made by local companies... Hundreds of hours of work were needed to make our project a reality. The Austin Mini Beach 001, workshops R.T.MS was born and

We are the only ones
in france to build the 


If you want to know more about the different stages of the

construction of the Beach 001, click on the button below.

what if the next one was yours?

Hire our Mini Beach R.T. Motorsports 001 for your wedding or event for a unique and memorable touch.

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Choose from several engine options

850  cc

1000 cc

1300 cc

Available options when setting up your mini-beach.

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