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Mini Beach 

in july 2023

leaving our workshops

Making a car isn't just about assembling and fixing parts together and hoping everything just rolls. (Re)Building a car starts with loving it enough to devote countless hours to it. It's bringing an automobile back to life. It is about giving back to life a forgotten gem and it is also the desire to embellish the existing car fleet with unique and rare pieces. 

At R.T.MOTOSPORTS we have the expertise, knowledge and the experience to build of our workshops a car which is safe, reliable and pleasant to drive.

The Mini Beach (Riviera Buggy) which inspired us to design ours is a Mini Beach 848cc OHV Inline 4-cylinder, developing 34hp and a Manual gearbox with 4 gears.

Longbridge production records indicate that they designed 4 Mini Beach in two-tone Surf Blue with the roof in Snowberry White. This original 1962 Mini Beach sold at auction in San Francisco on August 15, 2014 for US$181,500.

If you are on this page it is because you are interested in the construction of the Mini Beach, right ?


We have more to show you.

Still there ?

you definitely want to know everything... but we won't reveal all our secrets.

We still have a few steps to show you.

No more

doubts !

You've seen too much to stop there.

Should we make you a custom-made one ?

La Mini Beach

Here is Mini Beach 001. In these photos, the door cutting work has started but since this model, everything has to be done.

mini beach
mini beach

We finished the shapes and rounded the bodywork with tin. It is a process that was very widespread until the arrival of mastic. It was important for us that it be restored by respecting old techniques.

Mini beach
mini beach

Once satisfied with the shapes (the goal being to be as close as possible to the original and believe us, it's identical), it's time to send the Mini to sandblasting in order to come out with a body ready to receive its new paint.

Mini beach
Mini beach

The painting. It's a big moment. It is from this moment that the identity of the new car is born. It's the first day of its renaissance.


What is so unique about the Mini Beach (besides the lack of doors) is obviously the rattan seats that do not pass unnoticed and which gives it this aspect "relaxed" "ride" or "rural".


The marriage of organic rattan and "surf blue" steel bodywork is a successful marriage.


It matters... floor mats. Obviously made to fit perfectly fit the interior body work .


Back to the engine. 850cc. 36hp. It's not the size that matters. Everyone succumbs to the charm of the Mini Beach when it drives around. Everything is original.


Installation of the front and rear cradle and a few hours later the Mini Beach stands on its four wheels.


The beamelectric of a Mini. A joy compared to the hundreds of meters found on some cars.


Here we are.

Eight months of work, research, testing, finishing, settings, patience, relentlessness but above all, a lot of love.

Mini Beach 001 leaves the R.T.MOTORSPORTS workshops in July 2023.

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